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MTR2 laser

Fiber laser cutter MTR2

is suitable for cutting steel and stainless steel sheets



2.500 x 1.300 mm


1.500 W


carbon steel 10 mm (max. 12 mm)
stainless steel 5 mm (max. 6 mm)
aluminium 2 mm (max. 3 mm)



Type of machine HSG - FL1
Machine dimensions 2130 x 3750 x 1990 mm
Laser source power 1500 W
Maximum power input 8 kW
Interchangeable tables ne
Coverage no
Work. Temperature 16 - 26 C
Work. Humidity 70 %
Work. Area 2500 x 1300 mm
Max. Acceleration 1.5 G
Drive power transmission Toothed combs and pinions
Drive Servomotors
Sofware CypCut
Max. moving speed 40 m/min
Positional accuracy +/-0.05 mm/m
Repetitive accuracy 0.05 mm

MTR2 CUTTING FIBRE LASER is composed of 4 basic modules:

Chassis module M01 Laser module M02 Electro module M03 Cooling module M04

  • It includes a welded base frame - chassis, gantry - welded steel construction, an aluminium "trolley" for the movement of the laser head, a fairing and an auxiliary structure for the possibility of positioning the machine without the use of additional means.


  • It contains mainly laser source and head. The laser module consists of a housing in which the laser source itself is mounted, a connecting optical cable and an automatic laser cutting head. The head is never disconnected at the customer′s premises when the optical module is replaced and is thus an integral part of the module. During transport of the module, the head is placed in a holder installed in the laser module housing.


  • It contains, among other things, fuses and control system of EN 60204-1. The electrical module enclosure contains all the electrical wiring and electronic components necessary for the operation of the machine. At the front of the electrical module is the machine operator′s workstation, equipped with an integrated industrial computer monitor, keyboard, mouse, remote machine control and a touch panel of the MTR system, which allows the machine to be switched on and off and displays the operating parameters during work or adjustment.


  • The cooling module provides cooling for the laser source and laser cutting head. On the front side it contains 2 panels displaying the temperature in each of the cooled circuits. On the rear side there are the connections of the cooling circuits, filter grids and the cover of the MTR system superstructure, providing automatic control of the flow and temperature parameters in each circuit of the system.



Price for machine installation: 2.000 EUR (with your assistance) /4.000 EUR (only MTR2 technicians install). Price per credit: 1,3 EUR/minute of cutting. Minimum monthly subscription is 1.000 credits. Machine insurance: 75 EUR/month.


The laser falls into the category Laser Class IV. We supply all necessary documentation in Czech and English. This includes the documentation necessary to ensure laser and machine safety in your operation with respect to European standards.