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risks & profits

  • You only pay for the time the machine is actually working for you.
  • The initial investment is in the hundreds of Euros.
  • With low risk, you test whether your business works.
  • You can leave the contract at any time.
  • If necessary, you can buy the machine from us.

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Support & Service

  • We bring the machine, place it and then train the operator.
  • The machine itself signals an operational fault and alerts you and our monitoring centre - we can immediately solve the problem together.
  • We undertake to rectify operational faults within 3 working days. So there is no risk of long-term production downtime.
  • Our technical department is available to our clients by phone.
  • We pay the costs associated with the service.

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stability & safety

  • The MTR2 machines have simple and intuitive controls.
  • The location of the machine directly at the customer′s site ensures:
    • access to the machine 24/7.
    • 100% protection of know-how.
    • Independence in development and production.
    • Fault signalling is not linked to the cutting systems - we do not have access to your data.

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Who is MTR2

Our company MTR2 Technology s.r.o. focuses on the development and production of Czech fiber lasers and other CNC machines.

We have many years of experience with import, installation and service of these technologies. Therefore, we know well how they work and we are constantly working on their improvement. The complete development and production of MTR2 machines takes place under our roof, or rather under the supervision of our time-tested developers and technical experts.

We pride ourselves on producing quality and reliable products that give our clients access to sophisticated technologies without the need for high investments.

It is important to us that we are not just a supplier to our customers, but more importantly a safe partner that they can turn to at any time for advice or assistance.

We believe that our passion for technology is reflected in every machine we produce and the willingness of our experts is the reason we have many satisfied customers around us.

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DOWNLOAD - AR - Virtual applications

The main function of the app is the virtual installation of the machine.

This allows you to see directly on your premises whether and how comfortably the machine will fit into the space. Subsequent placement results are then sent to us at MTR2 to be evaluated by our technicians so you can save the cost of our pre-installation trip.