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Installation, support & service

  • We bring the machine, place it and then train the operator.
  • The machine itself signals an operational fault and alerts you and our monitoring centre - we can immediately solve the problem together.
  • We undertake to rectify operational faults within 3 working days, so there is no risk of long-term production downtime.
  • Our technical department is available to our clients by phone.
  • We pay the costs associated with the service.

We have MTR2 machines in stock. We will deliver your machine within three working days of signing the contract. Within one day we will install the machine, verify that everything works, train you and you can start working.

In the case of a defect, which the MTR2 laser can detect thanks to sophisticated software, we guarantee replacement of the defective module within 36 hours. There is no risk of long-term production downtime and therefore no major financial losses. Which is important for us as well, because if your machine is not working, we do not make any money... Of course, we pay the service costs!

The MTR2 service includes:

  • machine placement
  • installation fee
  • service
  • operator training
  • basic consumables
  • machine documentation