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Investments, risks & profit

  • You only pay for the time the machine is actually working for you.
  • The initial investment is in the hundreds of Euros.
  • With low risk, you test whether your business works.
  • You can leave the contract at any time.
  • If necessary, you can buy the machine from us.

Compared to the cost of acquiring, operating and servicing your own machine, the upfront cost of the MTR2 service is significantly lower and is also largely spread over time. You can use the remaining funds to further develop your business. With a lower level of risk, you can test whether your business has potential. If your business takes off in the right direction, you can buy more machines from us or buy out your existing one. MTR2 machines are equipped with clear software that shows exactly when and how the machine has been used. So you can easily check for yourself that you are only paying for the minutes the machine has actually worked. You can use any unused credit in the next month. If you don′t get enough, you can return the machine at any time.

Machine purchase vs. MTR service2

  • Machine Purchase
  • high purchase costs
  • months to years after ordering
  • machine operation and service costs
  • operator training costs
  • MTR2 Service
  • low upfront investment
  • 3 days from ordering
  • machine operation and service costs are included in the MTR2 service
  • operator training free of charge